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Hi Everyone,

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I’m super excited to say that the first single “Steampunk Woman” has been mixed and mastered and is ready to be released. The release date is Friday, September 17th. There is still A LOT of work to be done including the band mascot artwork which is currently being worked on by Shaun from Halloween Tattoos, the logo which is also currently being worked on, the cover art for the single, the music video and a million other details that will all need to be in place before the first song goes live on Spotify and other streaming platforms. The good news is, progress is being made on all fronts and Cyborg Assassins will be launching a series of NFTs to commemorate our first release as well so stay tuned for that.

In addition to everything I mentioned above, I am also starting preproduction on the second track, Flame Thrower, which I hope to release a couple months after Steampunk Woman. Ideally I would like to release a new song every two months but the initial onramp to that level of production might no happen until 2022.

I haven’t started putting together the band yet for live performances. I don’t anticipate starting that process until after Summer given some of the logistics with Covid and the fact that I am in Las Vegas and the heat is an issue here in terms of initially using my garage as a rehearsal studio. I would anticipate the first Cyborg Assassins show happening in early 2022.

I really appreciate everyone’s interest in the project and look forward to all the exciting times ahead. Have a great week!