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Cyborg Assassins is a musical project that was created by Catfish Comstock, in October 2020.

It came about when a friend recommended getting a copy of FL Studio to help pass the time in isolation, due to the global pandemic.

Catfish has spent his entire life in hard rock and heavy metal bands. However, as a kidney transplant recipient, he was unable to continue that lifestyle. Alone, without the services of a drummer, a home recording system and digital music technology became a driving force in developing a new musical style.

The result is a new universal foundation that has become Cyborg Assassins.

Cyborg Assassins is an explosive combination of EDM, hard rock, heavy metal and industrial influences featuring high energy dance beats infused with aggressive vocals and loud guitars. The songs tell us stories that draw inspiration from Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Cyberpunk culture and feature elements of science fiction, fantasy literature, film and anime.

The music is a celebration of life that has been forever altered by the pandemic and what has now evolved into something entirely new.

The first single “Steampunk Woman” is set for release on Friday, September 17th. It was mixed and mastered by Yoad Nevo and recorded entirely in a Las Vegas bedroom. This song is a rock inspired anthem dedicated to the women of steampunk culture and the strong, flamboyant characters they portray.